About us

Established in 2018, Zattel set out to provide new standards in communications stability and privacy in an increasingly insecure industry. Technology has shrunk the world, making it possible to do business with companies in different continents as easy it is to do business anywhere else, and this has also meant an increase in people travelling far from their families, working in different countries is no longer surprising.

But that distance also means a greater need for communication, and today, being able to have secure, stable and reliable communications across the world is in increasing demand. Located in Sandefjord in Norway, where we are protected by some of the world’s best privacy laws, we launched our IP phone company to provide new levels of service and reliability to customers all over the world. We are able to offer virtual numbers in over 110 countries, delivering local call rates that enable people to keep in contact with family and friends without the expense of international calls.

This helps people stay in touch when circumstances keep them apart, in this changing world, something truly valuable for many. We maintain a network of servers around the world to ensure that the service is both stable and reliable, providing crystal clear audio and stable, private communications for all while keeping costs affordable and competitive.